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In order to maintain a strong sense of identity and belonging within our school, we require all pupils to wear school uniform which consists of:

Winter Uniform

  • Grey or black trousers/skirt 
  • Bottle green sweatshirt, hoodie, or cardigan (school logo) 
  • White polo shirt (school logo or plain) 
  • Black Shoes

Summer Uniform

  • Green Gingham Summer Dress/Grey or Black Skirt
  • Grey or Black School Shorts (must be school trouser material)
  • Bottle Green Sweatshirt, Hoodie or Cardigan (school logo)
  • White Polo Shirt (School Logo or Plain)

PE Kit 

  • White T shirt or Polo shirt (School logo or plain) 
  • Bottle green shorts (No logo) 
  • Trainers  
  • Bottle green hoodie (School logo) 
  • Bottle green or black Tracksuit Bottoms (No logo) 

Uniform can be purchased online through Brigade School Wear – Please click on this link School – Brigade Clothing, LTD

Only hoodies, sweatshirts and cardigan must have the school logo