Part of the Forward Education Trust

Multi-Agency Working

At The Heights Academy we will be working very closely with a range of visiting professionals to ensure there is appropriate provision and support to meet the individual needs of our pupils.

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) 

Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) is available to all pupils who have been assessed and where their EHCP states that they require this support. The Heights Academy SALT offer will be accessed through Speech Therapy Warwickshire. 

Following a referral, our Speech and Language Therapist will assess individual pupil needs and put together a personalised plan to support the delivery of intervention. 

Occupational Therapy

The Heights Academy Occupational Therapy offer is accessed through Midland Occupational Therapy.  

Following a referral, our OT will work with pupils, visit classes, and advise on individual pupil’s needs and how we as a school can best support them. 

Autism and Behaviour Consultant

To support pupils and staff, The Heights Academy works with Steve Brown Behaviour Support and Training Ltd. 

A crucial part of his role, is to advise and train staff to ensure they have the expertise, knowledge and skills to support our pupils.