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Although parents/carers may of course choose to bring their children to and from school each day, many pupils are transported via taxis appointed by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council for this purpose. In addition to the driver, each of these vehicles carries an escort to ensure the safety of all passengers. Please complete the attached application form and submit to the school office or who will process your request.

Messages to and from school may be conveyed by transport staff and parents/carers are requested to liaise closely with them in order to ensure the smooth running of this service.

In order to minimise delays, we would ask parents or carers to please have their child ready to be picked up at the appropriate time each morning and to notify the transport firm, as well as school, if they know that he/she will be absent.

The school does not organise the timing of transport to and from school.

If parents or carers are unable to be there when their child is picked up each morning, or to receive him/her when he/she returns home at the end of the day, they must nominate a responsible adult to take their place. The name of this adult must be notified to school as having parental permission.

If parents or carers wish to request any change or to the agreed arrangements for transport to and from school each day, we would ask them please to notify the school in writing, giving as much notice as possible.

School cannot arrange transport drop-offs or pick-ups and this is entirely at the discretion of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

Applying for travel assistance (